Types of Thermal Paper and Applications

Types of Thermal Paper and Applications:
Cost-effective thermal paper rolls that delivery connectivity and convenience for your fixed or mobile POS system: -

  • NETS wired/wireless terminals
  • VISA Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Machine Thermal for major food delivery platforms
  • Others 

Types of Thermal Paper:
1) Top Coating
- Resistance to discoloration; fading & substances
- Increased archival storage

2) Grade – Premium
- High-quality with thick microns
- excellent for a wide variety of documents

3) Paper and Synthetic Media
- High tear resistance and high durability
- Excellent for use in outdoor environments

Thermal Paper Best Practices:

  • Test New Thermal Paper for Your Specific Use
  • Set image at high Printer Density Settings
  • Avoid Rough Handling of Thermal Paper
  • Store Thermal Paper Properly